What's Grinding


12/2012 - 20 Year Anniversary Mean Street
12/2012 - 30 Year Aniversary Flying Mojo
12/2012 - AArgonne Assault LB
09/2012 - Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Steel Heart
06/2012 - Team Gemini

02/2008 - HOG Muk & Mini Muk

12/2004 - Busse Assault Ring Fighter
10/2004 - Fusion Steel Heart
09/2004 - Meaner Street, Leaner Street
08/2004 - Force One
06/2004 - Nuclear Ice Pick

06/2003 - Fusion line introduced at Blade 2003
05/2003 - Mother Of All Bowies
04/2003 - Ergo line discontinued

11/2002 - Active Duty
08/2002 - Public Defender
08/2002 - Killer B discontinued
05/2002 - 20 Year Anniversary Argonne Assault
05/2002 - Badger Attack 3
05/2002 - Groove Master
05/2002 - Skeleton Key 
03/2002 - Argonne Assault LE & CG
03/2002 - Flying Mojo Signature Series

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December 2012
Bad MOJO live again with 
site re-design & new hosting service. New site is badmojo.net instead of the old .tv domain.
Bad MOJO celebrates 10 Year Annivesary. 

July 2012
Bad MOJO offline when Apple canceled their hosting service.

September 2003
Busse at Blade West 2003.

June 2003
Team Busse Combat & O.I.N.K. clubs formally formed.

June 2002
Swamp Rat Knife Works offering affordable knives.

May 2002
Andre DuMouchel no longer a Busse Rep.

February 2002
Bad MOJO web site borned (www.badmojo.tv). Site hosted by Apple.

January 2002
Busse donates over 150 knives to the military.

* * *

Here's The BIG Announcement Boys!

It’s a new day at Busse Combat my friends. We are making enormous changes that are designed to serve you better and offer you many more exciting options when choosing your Busse knife. The new line is very exciting and the designs are extremely hot! We will be doing things quite differently and here are just a few of the highlights that can be looked forward to:

We will no longer be including sheaths in the price of the knife. We are doing this to better serve you guys when it comes time to purchase your new blade. Busse Combat will have an online sheath store with optional sheaths available from many of today’s hottest makers. There will be three types of sheaths available, including Cordura, Kydex, and Leather. Some, but not all of the makers participating in this new venture include, Leatherman, Mt. Mike, and Kenny Rowe with various styles and options in leather. On Scene Tactical, Okuden, Buy Brown, and Andrew Lynch in Kydex. London Bridge and Spec Ops in Cordura. Now instead of having to pay for a sheath you do not want, you will be able to choose from a wide array and will have your custom sheath shipped with your knife.

Speaking of shipping. Busse Combat is determined to turn the corner on missed or delayed delivery dates with this new protocol and will be offering a 50% refund to anyone who’s ship date is not met on the first 2 new models.

Knife options will be numerous. Blade finishes may include Satin, Double Cut, Tan, and Black. Handle options will likewise vary from model to model.

We are also considering a serial numbered, Limited Edition of each model on its first run.

The production schedule is slated at 2 models per month for the next 8 months. Those two models will ONLY be available during the month they are offered. For example, the first 2 models we are offering are the new SF Natural Outlaw and the Active Duty with tactical finish options. These will be offered in August. If you do not order one of these in August, you will not have another opportunity to purchase one until April, 2004. Likewise, the options available in April may be very different from those available in August. This 8 month stretch between batch runs, should make reselling your Busses very easy during the interim.

There will be a $50.00 non-refundable deposit on each knife purchased at the time of order. No other money will be collected until time of shipment however, you will be able to make payments along the way of you so choose.

If all goes according to plan, the new website should be up and running by August 7th. Keep your fingers crossed!

Now how’s that for a Newclear start?

Nuke On!


* * *

Here's Some General Info On New Line. . .

[1] All blade lengths are measured from the front of the micarta scales to tip. . . . note how the micarta now extends over the front guard hole in order to get you another 1/2" of blade.

[2] Sheaths are no longer included in the price of the knife, but will be available. There will also be many configurations in different materials, from several suppliers. We believe that this will give the customer the most bang for the buck as you will now only be paying for exactly what you want.

[3] Having not increased our prices in nearly 4 years, in spite of steady increases in material and labor, the time has come. We are now employing several new, much more expensive manufacturing processes that will prove to make for a much better product. Couple this along with a huge increase in the amount of steel being used for each individual model, and an increase in prices will be noticed across the board.

[4] Say farewell to the asymmetric edge! Your feedback indicated that you prefer a symmetric edge. So, all edges will now be SYMMETRIC convex unless ordered in an Asymmetric convex configuration.

More to come later. . . . .


* * *

The Next Evolution Of The Busse Combat Line!

*** The Ergo line discontined on 04/15/03 ***

The first Busse Combat Knives featured a Bird Beak pommel with straight, narrow handles like those found on the original Steel Heart, and Jungle Assault ('92-'95). . . . Next were the wider, straight handles, with rounded pommels, like those found on the Steel Heart II, and Original Battle Mistress ('95-'98). . . Then came the Ergo handles, like those found on the Battle Mistress E, Steel Heart E, Natural Outlaw E, and Badger Attack E ('98-'03) . . . .What's next?. . . . Something very cool has been brewing! We are extremely confident that you're gonna love this next evolution of the Busse Combat Line. Wait until you see some of the new designs that will be coming out in the year to come! YOWZA!!!!!

The Busse Combat line continues to evolve. The protos for this next evolution have been in the field since May. Their performance has been incredibly impressive. We will continue to offer the Ergo models until the current batches are sold out. Once they are gone, that will be the end of the Ergo line.

Stay tuned!

Jerry Busse

* * *

2002 is the 10 year & 20 year anniversary for Busse Combat. Argonne Assault is the official "Busse Twentieth Anniversary" knife.