Team Gemini LB

Model: Team Gemini LB
Blade Length: 7-3/4" 
OAL: 13-1/4" 
Thickness: Approx 1/4" 
Width: 1-5/8" 
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: Shallow hollow ground
Blade Finishes: Black (Std), Jungle Green (Std), Desert Sage (Std), Muddy Brown (Std), Tanker Gray (Std) 
Handle Options: Black Canvas (Std), Tan Canvas (Std), Black Paper (Std) Black G-10 + $35, Green and Black G-10 + $50, Red and Black G-10 + $50, Black and Tan G-10 + $50, Orange and Black G-10 + $50, Black and Blue G-10 + $50 
Base MSRP: $337 

* * *

TG1 - Team Gemini with 5 1/2" blade.

The TGM completes the original concept behind the Team Gemini.

A few years ago I designed the Bear Cub in honor of my oldest daughter, Katie Bear. So, in honor of my twins, I designed the two Team Gemini blades. A friend of mine refers to my twins, Paul and Maddie as "Team Gemini". Paul is a big boy and Maddie is shockingly smaller, (She's 2 1/2 years old and only weighs 19lbs). Despite her diminutive size there is little doubt who runs the show. She often puts Paul on time-outs when he misbehaves with the simple pointing of her finger at the time-out chair. . . . . and sometimes she does it to him when he hasn't done anything wrong just to remind him of who the boss is. . .

The TGM has received the Light Brigade treatment and is a powerful and stout blade designed for the rigors of combat.

It will debut at the BLADE Show this weekend!

Proud Papa,


TG2 - Tanker Gray Finish/Black Canvas Micarta $337

TG3 - Black Finish/Black Paper Micarta $337

TG4 - Jungle Green Finish/Green & Black G10 $372

TG5 - Desert Sage Finish/Tan Canvas Micarta $337

TG6 - Muddy Brown Finish/Orange & Black G10 $387

TG7 - Andy the Aussie pair of Team Gemini LB.

TG8 - Al Sheikh modified Team Gemini LB.