Tank Buster

Spec: INFI 6" blade *  11.5" OAL * 0.22" thick *  $??? * Combat Grade, LE, Custom * Introduced June 2003

* * *


TB2 - Photo by Strabs at Blade 2003.

TB3 - Jaxx Tank Buster Variant 2011. The blade profile is different than the 2003 version.

They are Tank Buster variants...the other military overrun offered at last year's BLADE show. I especially like the one that is .22" thick (the other is a hair over .25" thick) with a slightly more tapered tip and a balance point around the lower half of the top tube fastener. Still 6+ full inches of bad news and no choil to worry about (And this is coming from someone who is a fan of choils for the most part).


TB4 - Jaxx Tank Buster LE #1 pair. 2 LE's were offered due to different configurations in the model. One was no choil, no swedge, rounded pommel & the other was with swedge & choil and a pointy pommel. This model in the CG version had the most different combinations between grinds (and serrations), coatings & handle options ever available in a Busse model, IIRC.

TB5 - Jaxx Tank Buster LE #27 pair.

TB6 - Jaxx

TB7 - Jaxx Tank Buster CG.

TB8 - Jaxx Two Tank Busters CG with Tank Buster LE #1.

TB9 - 2010 Choiless Satin Finished Tank Buster with Amboyna.

TB10 - 2010 Satin Finished Tank Buster with Stabilized Bubinga.

TB11 - Tank Buster.

TB12 - 2011 Tank Buster Variant.