One of the RAREST of all Busse Military Knives . . .OVER RUN!!!!!!! .

This is a very unusual knife. It has never been SOLD before. We made them right after September 11th. This is the Tali-Whacker. It was made as part of a run of knives we donated to USSOCOM after 9/11 for distribution to our Special Ops Teams. Several of these were presented to soldiers who had been wounded in combat while the rest were given to our front-line troops. This is an “operator” only blade and the ones that were distributed were in the “sterile” condition with no markings whatsoever. A numbered Patriot tag was shoved into the front pouch with a letter explaining a little about the name, “Tali-Whacker” meaning “Taliban-Whacker”. We had an over run on these blades and are now clear to sell the surplus.

The Tali-Whacker was the first model EVER made out of SR-101 and it came along well before the inception of SWAMP RAT. It is the ONLY Busse Combat Blade made with SR-101 and a totally Sterile Resiprene C handle. The talon hole was removed as were all markings from the handle for Complete Sterility. The “coolness” of this blade was the inspiration behind Swamp Rat.

It is 1/4" thick with a 6 3/4" long blade and is 12" OAL.

We only have 68 Tali-Whackers available. They will come with an non-serial numbered Patriot Tag and are only available without the sheath.


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Tali-Whackers are $238.95. They come with one non serial-numbered patriot tag (two are pictured for view of each side). And since you had to tune in twice to try to catch this offer, you can get an “official” embroidered Busse Combat Knife Co. ball cap (regular price $19.95) for 1⁄2 price for $9.95! You save $10.00 dollars!

Quantity Discount: Buy two Tali-Whackers and only pay $228.95 per knife, and you can get two ball caps for $15.95 for the pair. You save $44.00 off of the regular price!

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