Steel Heart II

SH1 - A 1997 5/16" thick Steel Heart II with a smooth finish 7 1/2" A2 blade. The Micarta scales are fastened with slotted bolts & ground flush to the tang (exposed tang).

SH2 - Photo from Bladeart a Steel Heart II with 7 1/2" blade in INFI.

SH6 - Steel Heart II in A2 steel with the Micarta scales fastened with slotted bolts.

SH12 - Steel Heart II photo from 2theHilt.

SH18 - Recluse's Steel Heart II in 5/16" A2.

SH19 - Eric's Steel Heart II 5/16" A2 & Kenny Rowe sheath.

SH22 - 1whobuys' Steel Heart II, two with satin finish (one with serrations)& one with smooth black finish.

SH23 - Hdiller's Steel Heart II in INFI.

SH26 - Idahoskunk's straight handle Steel Heart. The bottom knife is a rare Ghost SHSH II (faint Busse logo) with only 6 being made.

SH31 - WTF Over's Steel Heart II.

"This is my first Straight Handle Steel Heart. I'm told that this was a INFI SH Proto built in Dec 99 or Jan 00 for the SOF Show to Demo the "new" black quilted handle slabs. As I understand it the Straight Handles never went into production with these slabs...Lorne" (Edited for flow)

SH34 -Bladeart's photo of Steel Heart.

SH36 - Chip's beadblast Steel Heart.

SH37 - Raden's apprentice Steel Heart II.

SH38 - Idahoskunk's Black Steel Heart.

Definitely not a refurbish job. Notice the flat coating? The blade was ground, heat-treated, coated, and then never finished due to circumstances . . .

It was originally drilled for bolts. When it came time to handle it, we used carbide to enlarge the holes. It was sent in to the company who was doing our laser engraving at the time, in order to see how the coating would react to the laser. It reacted quite well. It is the first knife that we ever had laser etched and is, to my knowledge, the ONLY Steel Heart II with the circled logo. Notice the incomplete circle at the bottom of the logo? I believe that that is unique as well. Many of the After Shocks had this same circled logo.

You are looking at a knife that began production in early 1998 and didn't reach completion until quite a while later.

Nice find!

Jerry (10/12/02)

SH39 - Raden's Steel Heart II.