ST-56 Persian Fighter

Model: ST-56 Persian Fighter
Steel: INFI
Blade Length: 6" or 7 recurved"
OAL: 12-1/2" (6" blade)
Weight: ?
Thickness: 3/16"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: ?
Handle Options: ?
Base MSRP: ?
Year: 2006

* * *

ST-56 Persian Fighter Overrun!!!. . .

This persian style fighter was made for a special group and continues to see heavy use in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We made this in two sizes, a 6" blade and 7" blade. This is the 7" version and features an extremely fast recurved cutting edge along with a very unique and exclusive "Flying SF Handle".


* * *

This is a persian style fighter design by Jerry Busse. Sold by Busse Combat as a Military Overrun. This knife has Desert Tan Micarta handles and a Brown Coating. Knife OAL is just short of 12.5", 3/16" thick INFI Steel.

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Cool Feature On Mud Razors and ST-56s. . . Very Cool ! ! !

Having checked back on my original posts on both of these knives, I noticed that I failed to mention one of the coolest and most unique features to be found on any Busse Combat blade!!!!

The handles on both of these special models are asymmetric!!! The right side handle has a regular palm swell while the left side is more of an even arc from blade to skull crusher. Both sides are textured the exact same way and this feature is only visible when looking at the handle from the top of the spine.

This design element allows for a much quicker and very secure purchase of the knife when switching to reverse grip mode in the heat of a hand-to-hand combative situation. You will not believe how good these handles feel and how much improved the grip is in the reverse mode due to more of the handle grooves being in contact with the palm.

It is just one more unique feature of these wicked military overruns that gives the collector a brief insight into the mission specific nature and highly detailed design of these rare blades.

Congrats to those who scored!!!


* * *

ST-56 Persian Fighter with 7" recurved blade & exclusive "Flying SF Handle".

ST-56 Persian Fighter Variant with 6" blade with serrated top edge. This 6" version doesn't have the 7" version's recurved blade.

dericdesmond ST-56 Persian Fighter 7" recurved blade & exclusive "Flying SF Handle".