Soul 1

The SOUL series include SOUL-1, SOUL-2 & HOG SOUL.

* * *

An Extremely Rare BLADE Show Exclusive For The Serious INFI Hog . . ."SOUL-1"

SOUL-1 - I have a small military overrun (31 pieces of a special knife called the "SOUL-1") that does not exist. I cannot show pics of the piece nor is anyone who buys one allowed to show pics or have pics taken. If I sell one of these to you, you cannot resell it. Sorry for all of the rules boys, but I'm not callin' all of the shots on this one. I can only show you this piece in person and I can only sell it to you if I know you personally. Because of the rules on re-selling and not showing it in public, I have priced these reasonably low.

See me at the show and when you shake my hand say the code words. . . "I want to buy a Soul ... and I have beer!"

Yours in Nuclear Soul Selling,


Team Busse security clearance required.