Satin Jack

Specs: 3/16" (formerly 1/4") INFI Steel * 6" Blade * 11.25" OAL * 11 oz * 58-60 RC * Micarta Handle * LE (Satin Finish) or Combat Grade

* * *

S1 - Stain Jack LE with zero grind.

SJ2 - J Yen's Satin Jack CG with asymetrical grind.

SJ3 - Satin Jack CG feeling at home in the outdoors.








SJ11 - Andre DuMouchel, Busse West Coast Regional Coordinator, pointed out at Knife Expo 02 that this particular Satin Jack CG came with black paper micarta scales. What a beautiful combination on this knife. Would this be considered a "Variant"? The Kydex sheath with Tek Lok is from Durable Technologies. The workmanship is just AWESOME on this sheath. The "tie down" hole on the sheath is perfectly aligned with the choil hole! How did they do that?

SJ12 - Black on Black! What a beautiful combination.

SJ13 - A closer image of the black paper micarta scale.

SJ14 - Chip's Satin Jack LE with green micarta scales.

SJ15 - Nimrod Special Edition Satin Jack (Difficult to see due to the special stealth coating used.)

SJ16 - Buzzbait's 3/16" Satin Jack.

SJ17 - Buzzbait's 3/16" Satin Jack.

SJ18 - Buzzbait's 3/16" Satin Jack.

SJ19 - Buzzbait's 3/16" Satin Jack.

SJ20 - Xplorer's Satin Jack CG. This particular knife has a top grind that is similar to the ZT SJ.

SJ21 - New style Satin Jack Sheath. A return of a retro style sheath.

SJ22 - Frankie Crabs' Satin Jack.

SJ23 - Frankie Crabs' Satin Jack.

SJ24 - Lightweight's Satin Jack LE.