Pure Bred Fighters

In August 2001, the Pure Bred Fighters were offered in three sizes - 4", 6", & 8" blades. The 6" & 8" Pure Bred Fighters were quickly removed from sale due to production problems & unexpected higher production costs. The Killer B made it to the production line but was retired in August 2002.

It's estimated that the Busse wrapped set of the 4", 6" & 8" models were limited to 70-80 sets. If you see the Busse wrapped Pure Bred Fighters in the secondary market, grab it while you can. These Busse wrapped set are considered desirable & rare.

In February 2003, additional unwrapped Pure Bred Fighters were offered for sale: 43-Killer B, 78-6" Pure Bred Fighter, 84-8" Pure Bred Fighter.

* * *

PBF1 - The Pure Bred Fighters - 8", 6", & 4" INFI blade.

PBF2 - The Killer B with a 4" INFI blade is currently the only production model available.

PBF3 - The top false edge grind on this knife is different than the one pictured in PBF1 & PBF2. Other variations of this knife includes black cord instead of yellow & enlarged choil. The yellow on black is a nice contrast but sacrifices stealth.

PBF4 - Flat grind side of the asymmetrical grind.


PBF6 - Convex grind side of the asymmetrical grind.

PBF7 - Skull crushing INFI STINGER.

PBF8 - The cord wrapped handle feels very secure in the hand because of the valleys & peaks created by the wraping.


PBF10 - Cord wrapped knives are not exclusive to Japanese style knives.

PBF11 - Killer B swarm. The truth is out. The Killer B did not escape from a lab in Brazil. They escaped from Wauseon, OH.

PBF12 - Eric's pair of Killer B & a Buy Brown sheath. The top one with the yellow cord wrapped handle is the standard production knife. The one with the black cord wrapped handle & enlarged choil is a Killer B "Variant".

PBF13 - Idahoskunk's Hades Hornet (custom) & Killer B, from top to bottom. The Hades Hornet has the exact diminsions as the American Kensei but with these exceptions: 1/4" INFI, 25 inch overall length with a 15 inch blade.

PBF14 - Thatmguy's black wrapped Killer B.

PBF15 - Chiseen's Pure Bred Fighter set (Busse wrapped).

PBF16 - Pure Bred Fighter set (Busse wrapped).

PBF17 - 8" Pure Bred Fighter

PBF18 - 6" Pure Bred Fighter

PBF19 - Killer B

PBF20 - Naked 8" & 6" PBF sold without the Busse wrapping.

PBF21 - Utmts4me's 8" PBF.

PBF22 - Raden's 6" PBF.

PBF23 - Progunner's PBF.