Off Duty

Model: Inactive Duty
Steel: INFI
Blade Length: 3-1/2"
OAL: 7-7/8"
Weight: ?
Thickness: .350"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: Satin
Handle Options: ?
Base MSRP: ?
Year: 2003

* * *


Here's the prototype of the "OFF DUTY". . . . Along with a BLADE Show Riddle!!!!!

Here's a pic of the prototype of the "Off Duty". . . Kinda like the "Active Duty" only its too fat to go to work! It is .350" thick!!!! The regular Active Duty from the Custom Shop is .150!!!! I'm not sure how many regular ADs it would take to equal 1 Off Duty. . . but it's got to be more than a couple!

For some reason, I polished this one up and have now sworn not to do that again unless under great duress! The planned Limited Run of the "Off Duty" model will be coated.

These things are pork bellies to the "nth" degree and require a slow moving vehicle sign (Orange Triangle) in order to be taken out into public!

This is a satin finished prototype and will be sold to the first person who hands me the correct amount of cash and alcohol at the BLADE Show. . . no credit cards, no checks, no shop credit, and no Guiness!!!!

Can't say how much it is, that's part of the challenge! The price for this one-of-kind prototype is imbedded in this message somewhere. Good luck finding it!

Be the first to hand me the correct amount and you will own the only "Off Duty" prototype! . . . Sorry fellas, but you gotta do it at the BLADE Show!

I'm pretty sure that I'll be bringin' this one home with me!


OD02 - Off Duty blank next to the Active Duty. Beefy!

OD3 - Off Duty

OD4 - Off Duty vs Active Duty.