Mr Mojo/MoFo

Specs: 1/4" INFI Steel * 8.5" Blade * 14" OAL * 16.5 oz * 58-60 RC * Micarta Handle * LE (Satin Finish) or Combat Grade * Retired in February 2002

* * *

MO1 - Mr Mojo LE with a Satin finish & zero grind 8.5" blade with a blade catch/ long neck bottle opener on top. A Combat grade was also available with the asymmetrical grind. The blade catch design caused unexpected production problems & unexpected higher production costs.

MO2 - Mr Mojo LE was designed for serious business.

MO3 - Guncollectors' Mr Mojo LE & the standard Kydex sheath with Tek Lok.

MO4 - Mr Mojo CG with black paper micarta scales.



MO7 - Mr Mojo CG equipped with long neck bottle opener. Now you don't have to fumble around with finding the bottle opener.





MO12 - Eric's pair of Mr Mojo CG ready for action.

MO13 - WOW! From the top, we have a Mr Mojo Variant, Mr Mojo LE # 911, & a standard Mr Mojo CG.

MO14 - Chip's Mr Mojo contest prize. Congratulations!

MO15 - Bladeart's photo of Mr Mojo LE.

MO16 - Bladeart's photo of Mr Mojo CG. Notice the different sheath construction in photo MO16 versus photo MO15 above.

MO17 - Raden's Mr Mojo LE.

MO18 - Idahoskunk's MR Mojo LE & CG grades.

MO19 - Mister MoFo

Production Number:
Mister MoFo Satin Finish = 61
Mister MoFo Tactical Grade = 79

MO20 - Uncle MoFo

Production Number:
Uncle MoFo Satin Finish = 46
Uncle MoFo Tactical Grade = 64

M21 - Uncle MoFo ready for shipping.

M22 - Utmts4me's Mister MoFo.

M23 - Rainmaker's Mister MoFo.

M24 - Idahoskunk's Uncle MoFo & Mister MoFo.

M25 - Raden's Mr Mojo with snakeskin micarta. Sharp looking!