Mean Street

Specs: 1/4" INFI or A2 Steel * 3.5" Blade * 8.25" OAL * 7 oz * 58-60 RC * Micarta Handle * Satin Finish or Combat Grade * Model Retired

* * *

Mean Street Trivia:

Desert Warfare Mean Street
The specs are identical to the regular Mean Street except a) it's                 a little thinner, .230 instead of .250 INFI. b) Tan Micarta Handles. For those who don't know, this model is a variant Mean Street with Desert Tan, diamond quilted canvas micarta handles and a blade that's a little thinner than the standard Mean Street... .230 INFI instead of .250 INFI.

Lean Mean Street
The price for the new, extremely limited in number, .187 Mean Street is $227...just $10 more than the standard model Mean Street. Handle is diamond quilted black micarta...tan is not an option. The knife will have a lanyard hole and the trademark talon hole.

Mean Street's have come out in thicknesses of:

There is the standard tan like you find on the rest of the e-handle line, and then there was a darker almost Maroon Tan used on the Desert Warfare Mean Street. This dark Tan did make it on to a few regular Mean Street.

Lean Mean Street - 3/16"
Mean Street - 1/4"
Desert Warfare Mean Street - .20"
There are a few 5/16th out there.
There is one satin 5/16th Mean Street with Tan handles.
There is one Lean Mean Street with Camo handles.
There are five Mean Street with Camo handles.
There is one Lean Mean Street Prototype.
Variants of the Lean Mean Street are rare.
1/4" Variants are rare.
On the early A2 Mean Street, the metal between the handles were blued (gun blued).

There were 117 Lean Mean Street made.
7 Prototypes, of these I Now know of 2 that survived.
I know of 1 Lean Mean Street with Camo handles
there are around 6 or 7 with Tan handles and the rest had the standard black macarta handles.
I also know of 2 Lean Mean Street Variants out there.

Sneak Peak At The New "Meaner Street"!!! (Cool Pic)

Here it is boys!!!! September's Knife. . .

We are expecting so much action on this model that it will be running solo. . . . It will be the only Busse Combat model offered during the month of September . . . .

More Pics to come. . . . . . .

It will be offered in two different thicknesses. . .

The Leaner Meaner Street at .150" thick (same as the Active Duty)

The Meaner Street at .220" (Same as the SFNO)


* * *

M1 - How many times do you get a chance to see a herd of Mean Street! Drool city! Where's that towel?

Top to bottom:
# 1 Lean Mean
# 2 Desert Storm
# 3 Flat coated brushed back
# 4 Bead Blasted
# 5 Flat black smooth handle sloted screws in A2

Left - one from the last batch,crinkle coat a little thinner than the rest
Right - Flat black with a brite shined back

M2 - Mean Street from 3/16" to 5/16" thickness.

M3 - A rear shot to EXCITE some of you. Nice curves huh?

M4 - A Desert Storm Mean Street in 5/16".

M5 - A family portrait of Mean Street.

M6 - Mean Street photo from Bladeart.

M7 - Mean Street in A2 steel with Micarta scales fastened with slotted bolts.

M8 - 1whobuys' Lean Mean Street Proto.

M9 - Thatmguy's Mean Street in A2 steel & Micarta scales fastened with slotted bolts.

M10 - From the top, Mean Street with smooth finish & Lean Mean Street in 3/16" with crinkle finish.

M11 - Hdiller's Mean Street in A2.

M12 - Tall Paul's photo of Mean Street.

M13 - Tall Paul's photo of Mean Street.

MS14 - Angry Wife's Mean Street.

MS15 - WTF Over's 5/16" thick Means Street in A2.

MS16 - Thatmguy's Mean Street collection.

MS17 - Eric's Mean Street collection.

MS18 - Raden's Mean Street.

MS19 - Wilco's Desert Warfare Mean Street.