Jack Hammer/Fat Hammer/Sledge Hammer

Model: Jack Hammer
Blade Length: 6"
OAL: 11-1/4"
Weight: ?
Thickness: 3/16"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: Competition Grade
Handle Options: ?
Base MSRP: $267
Year: 2009

Model: Fat Hammer/Sledge Hammer (this knife was given two names by Jerry)
Steel: INFI
Blade Length: 6"
OAL: 12"
Weight: ?
Thickness: .32"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: ?
Handle Options: ?
Base MSRP: $697
Year: 2009

* * *

JH1 - Jack Hammer 2006 SHOT Show.

Sneak Peek At The Busse Combat 1911. . . .

Nearly every gun company has a line of knives bearing their mark and design influence. . .but the reverse has never been true. . . until now!!!

The official intro of the Busse Combat 1911 at the 2006 SHOT Show makes Busse Combat the first knife company in the world to have a gun produced bearing its mark and design influence. It is being produced by Les Baer Customs and is now part of their standard line.

Here's a not so great pic from the SHOT Show in February. . . . Better pics to follow. . . . Those attending BLADE Show 2006 will have the opportunity to handle these fine firearms and companion knives. The knife that accompanies the Busse Combat 1911 is called the "Jack Hammer" and is an exclusive design for this project and is only available to the general public with the purchase of the Busse Combat 1911.

It is important to note that the "Jack Hammer" is in service with some of America's most elite forces in a desert tan finish with desert tan handles but doubt that any of these will ever show up on the civilian market.

More info to follow. . . several magazines are putting articles together at this time.


* * *

Jack Hammer available to the public in 2008.


JH4 - PeterPHWS Jack Hammer.

JH5 - AZTimT Jack Hammer rubber test.

JH6 - RobStanley Fat Hammer.

JH7 - Jack Hammer Knob Creek 2010.

JH8 - kenrunchen trio of Jack Hammer with the one on the left a Fat Hammer.

JH9 - jimmyjones pair of Jack Hammer.

JH10 - Jaxx pair of Jack Hammer.

JH11 - Fat Hammer with Sand Storm G-10.

JH12 - Fat Hammer with Tequila Sunrise G-10.

JH13 - Fat Hammer with Black Paper Micarta.