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If You Like Ugly. . . Howz About A Competition Grade Finish???

Did I scare you with that one boys??? . . . . I know I sceeeaart myself !

So, what exactly is a Competition Grade Finish you may ask???. . . Purty darned ugly my friends. . . purty darned ugly!

When we run new designs for our destructive testing we don't worry too much about the finish. . . but boy can those puppies cut!!!. . . We put a zero convex bevel along the edge that screams!!!!. . .

We don't worry a bit about finish, since the name of the game is performance. . . We usually take a blade straight from the furnace and do a light pass on a wheel and then it's all about the edge. . . .

It is difficult to put this type of edge on a regularly finished knife since the edge finishing process usually rides up fairly high on the bevel. . . .Very cool!!!

We leave behind all of the peen marks, INFI dimples, and anything else that might be there. Sometimes we double cut them before edging. . .sometimes we don't. There is no set criteria as to how ugly these blades can get. . . .

Handles can be a bit rough as well. . . .fit and finish? . . . Uh, probably not gonna find it here kids.

These are beaters of the first degree. . . You'll never have to worry about marring up the finish. . . because we've already done that for you!

So, I guess the question is. . . If we priced these near the regular combat grade price point, would you be interested in buying one?

Here's a pic of the Jack Hammer with the Competition Grade Finish:


* * *

Here's The BIG Announcement Boys!

It’s a new day at Busse Combat my friends. We are making enormous changes that are designed to serve you better and offer you many more exciting options when choosing your Busse knife. The new line is very exciting and the designs are extremely hot! We will be doing things quite differently and here are just a few of the highlights that can be looked forward to:

We will no longer be including sheaths in the price of the knife. We are doing this to better serve you guys when it comes time to purchase your new blade. Busse Combat will have an online sheath store with optional sheaths available from many of today’s hottest makers. There will be three types of sheaths available, including Cordura, Kydex, and Leather. Some, but not all of the makers participating in this new venture include, Leatherman, Mt. Mike, and Kenny Rowe with various styles and options in leather. On Scene Tactical, Okuden, Buy Brown, and Andrew Lynch in Kydex. London Bridge and Spec Ops in Cordura. Now instead of having to pay for a sheath you do not want, you will be able to choose from a wide array and will have your custom sheath shipped with your knife.

Speaking of shipping. Busse Combat is determined to turn the corner on missed or delayed delivery dates with this new protocol and will be offering a 50% refund to anyone who’s ship date is not met on the first 2 new models.

Knife options will be numerous. Blade finishes may include Satin, Double Cut, Tan, and Black. Handle options will likewise vary from model to model.

We are also considering a serial numbered, Limited Edition of each model on its first run.

The production schedule is slated at 2 models per month for the next 8 months. Those two models will ONLY be available during the month they are offered. For example, the first 2 models we are offering are the new SF Natural Outlaw and the Active Duty with tactical finish options. These will be offered in August. If you do not order one of these in August, you will not have another opportunity to purchase one until April, 2004. Likewise, the options available in April may be very different from those available in August. This 8 month stretch between batch runs, should make reselling your Busses very easy during the interim.

There will be a $50.00 non-refundable deposit on each knife purchased at the time of order. No other money will be collected until time of shipment however, you will be able to make payments along the way of you so choose.

If all goes according to plan, the new website should be up and running by August 7th. Keep your fingers crossed!

Now how’s that for a Newclear start?

Nuke On!


* * *

Rarest Steel Heart!

What's the rarest Steel Heart of all? It's a tie! Only 50 were made with the wrinkled finish, tubular fasteners and Diamond Checkered handles and another 50 that match these but had a satin finish. These were the last 100 Straight Handled Steel Hearts ever made and I have never seen one come up for sale. It is the Diamond Checkered Handle that will give these away as there were only 100 Steel Hearts ever made with this handle.


* * *

BAT Trivia:

BAT stands for the new Busse Armored Tip. Only available on the new handmade, sole-authorship, signature series customs.

The two new custom models that feature the BAT have three separate and different types of grinds . . . Flat, Convex, and Hollow, all combined to make for the strongest and greatest penetrating tip that we have ever tested. . . . . Both are completely hand made. . . One is Lighter, . . .Meaner. . . Shorter. . . and more Concealable than a Mean Street. . . . . The other will stand to redefine ultra-lightweight fighting Bowies for quite some time. . . . and of course both are made of the highest performance steel on the planet - INFI.

Jerry Busse

* * *

Get A Quick Degree In Micartaolgogy!

This post started as a response to our new friend Mell's inquiry regarding the handle material on his new Mean Street. As I responded it started to turn into the "War and Peace" of general Micarta info. So. . . .I decided to post it separately in order that it might be used as a quick reference.

Micarta was developed by Westinghouse earlier in the last century. It has a higher tensile strength than steel, it is impervious to changes in temperature and it will not swell, warp, or crack, even under adverse conditions, once it is on the knife.

There are three types of micarta and several grades of these three types. They all consist of layers of either paper, linen, or canvas. Paper is the most decorative of the three. I have seen paper micarta handles that are 20-30 years old that continue to look great and perform like the day the were made. Linen micarta is the middle grade when it comes to toughness and durability. I used linen exclusively throughout the 80's and very early 90's. It is very attractive when smoothed out and very strong. Canvas is the toughest of the three grades. It surpasses linen micarta by a large margin for strength and durability. Canvas also offers the best overall texture for slip resistance. It is probably the least attractive looking of the three grades unless you suffer from Busse Combat Nuclear Syndrome. In that case you can only find "beauty in the performance". Cosmetics be damned!

It would be difficult to go wrong with any of these three grades.

MICARTA TRIVIA BUSTER: I've come across some interesting history on Micarta through one of our legal resources. While doing research on Westinghouse he discovered that the inventors of Formica had borrowed so heavily from Micarta technology that the name "Formica" is short for the term "Formerly Micarta". Think of that the next time you drop a skillet on the kitchen counter. . . .

Oh yeah, I'm loaded with useless information like that. . . . Would you like to hear where the names "Steel Heart" and "Battle Mistress" came from. .. . .?

Yours in layered phenolics (Micarta),
Jerry Busse

* * *

Why Serrations ??

If you look at some of the recent knives we have come out with, notably the Flying Tiger and the Flying Mojo, you will notice they are "adorned" with unique serrations toward the front of the blade.

I have often been asked of late as to whether they really improve performance.

The answer is "No" and "Yes"! These serrations do not improve chopping performance, nor do they hinder it. Due to their shape and design they will not get stuck in whatever it is you are chopping, like normal serrations have a tendency to do. But the knives we have put them on are not really choppers, they are fighters.

Jerry has long believed that serrations are in the wrong place. For a fighter, you want the serrations on the front of the blade. Why? Well just like the old Ginsu knives were able to cut through anything, our "Flying" serrations would make short work of a leather jacket or equally heavy clothing or canvas material that would otherwise repel the sharpest blade. Our serrations, besides looking very aggressive, are VERY AGRESSIVE.

Just like the Combat line can win just about any cutting or chopping contest on this planet, they will likewise win any contest that simulates stabbing. So the next time someone pokes fun at these curious looking blades with their unique serrations, remember, they are not just for show, they are for real !


* * *

Different Types of Serrations....

There are two different types of serrations employed by Busse. First, there is the type of serration popularized by the infamous flying tiger. It is located toward the front of the blade (vs at the hilt) angled outwards (away from the blade) and are seperated by quite alot of space. These serrations are intended for chopping, so that the serrations don't get stuck into the material being chopped.

The more typical type of serrations are the ones found towards the hilt of the blade. These are better for cutting thru fibrous material such as rope, hemp, etc. They are more typical, although not typically found on a Busse, except thru special order.

Jerry does the serrations by himself by hand. They have to be done via a file and are time consuming. As for retrofitting them, that would be very difficult as the coating would have to be reapplied.

Marc (Contender)