Hell Razor

Model: Hell Razor
Steel: INFI
Blade Length: 7"
OAL: 12-1/2"
Weight: 14 oz
Thickness: 3/16"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: Convex
Blade Finishes: Black (std), Tan (std), Urban Gray (std), Green (std), Desert Shadow Camo + $35, Jungle Shadow Camo + $35, Urban Shadow Camo + $35
Handle Options: Black Canvas (std), Tan Canvas (std), Black Paper (std), Magnum Black + $35, Magnum Tan + $35, Black G10 + $25, Snakeskin + $45
Base MSRP: $287
Year: 2005

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We Have A Winner In The Name The Knife Contest!!!!


Congrats to Heavy!!!!!

This was a very difficult decision. . . There will be many, many more names taken from these entries!!!

Congrats to all who entered!


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HR1 - 2006 Very Rare Mil. Over Run Hell Razor.

Very Rare Mil. Over Run Hell Razor For BLADEFORUMS Auction!

Check this bad boy out! It features an Olive Drab blade with Green Linen micarta handles and comes with a Spec Ops Combat Master sheath!!!


This is one of only 8 to be made available to the civilian market. . . This one will be made available through the BLADEFORUMS Support Auction. . . .So, you can score a very rare Busse Combat blade and support BLADEFORUMS at the same time. . .

Stay tuned!!!


HR2 - 2006 Desert Mud Razor.

Microscopic Extravaganzaaa . . . Page 1. . . .(Cool Pic)

Before there was a Hell Razor. . . there was a special military run of these killer blades. . . We call it the Desert Mud Razor!!!!

There aren't many of this one-time-only offering. They will be offered during this weekend's Microscopic Extravaganzaaaaaa!!!!

No corrugations on this one. . . and a very unique night op brown coating coupled with a desert tan canvas micarta handle . . . Think of it as a down and dirty Hell Razor with attitude!!!

The price on these is awesome for a blade this rare!!!

You can not order until this weekend's Extravaganzaaaaa. . . . Stay tuned for details!!!!


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Cool Feature On Mud Razors and ST-56s. . . Very Cool ! ! !

Having checked back on my original posts on both of these knives, I noticed that I failed to mention one of the coolest and most unique features to be found on any Busse Combat blade!!!!

The handles on both of these special models are asymmetric!!! The right side handle has a regular palm swell while the left side is more of an even arc from blade to skull crusher. Both sides are textured the exact same way and this feature is only visible when looking at the handle from the top of the spine.

This design element allows for a much quicker and very secure purchase of the knife when switching to reverse grip mode in the heat of a hand-to-hand combative situation. You will not believe how good these handles feel and how much improved the grip is in the reverse mode due to more of the handle grooves being in contact with the palm.

It is just one more unique feature of these wicked military overruns that gives the collector a brief insight into the mission specific nature and highly detailed design of these rare blades.

Congrats to those who scored!!!


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HR3 - 2006  Hell Razor with Black Magnum G-10 handles.

HR4 - 2006 Hell Razor with red G-10 handles.

HR5 - 2006 Hell Razor with Green linen handle.

HR6 - 2007 Hell Razor with Magnum G-10 handles $342.

Hell Razorganzaaaaaa!!!!!!!. . . . . . (12-15-07)

. . . . . This Saturday. . . (12-15-07). . . 9:00 - 10:00 PM EST

Here are a couple of small production overruns that you'll see this weekend. . . . Both are very limited. . . NEVER to be seen again!!!!!

Both have Magnum G-10 handles. . . . .

Very Cool!!!!

Wait 'til you see the Razor Variants that are coming as well !!! . . . . Yowza!!!!!. . .

Good luck to those who brave the winter cold for this one !!!!!!


HR7 - 2007 Hell Razor Variant with a Double Cut Finish $697.

HR8 - 2007 Pumpkin Razor Variant with a Double Cut Finish $597.

HR9 - 2008 Hell Razor Competition Finished $287. 

HR10 - 2010 Hell Razor Variant Competition Finished with Tequila Sunrise G-10.

HR11- mamun1024 Pair of Custom Flying Hell Razor.

Blade Steel - INFI, Blade Length - 6.62, Overall Length - 12.75, Weight (oz) - 15.4, Blade Thickness - 0.2, Blade Width - 1.73, Options - Nuclear swedge, Flying teeth, Hand shapped Green/black G10.

HR12 - knifehunter Hell Razor.