Custom 3

V51 - Idahoskunk's Steel Heart Variants.

V52 - Hood Variant

V53 - Steel Heart I Variant

"The knife was an original Steel Heart I variant made in the Busse shop by an employee named Tom Wheeler. Note the bird's beak pommel and circular plunge cut. The knife even bears his name and says "ATS-34" just above it. I'm not sure if it was a prototype, a variant, or just a personal experiment, but it is definitely not a badger. If memory serves, the blade was about 4.5" and had a subtle clip point... Wulf"

V54 - Badger Attack Variant

V55 - Natural Outlaw Variant with band cutter & recurve blade.

V56 - A few of Eric's Variants & custom Busse. Nice collection!.

V57 - Idahoskunk's Mean Street Variant.

V58 - Idahoskunk's Mean Street Variant.

V59 - Natural Outlaw Triple Grind Variant

This is a rare Natural Outlaw triple grind variant with recurve blade. What really makes it unique is that on the spine of the blade between the handle slabs is laser etched the "BUSSE" logo. While the rest of the blade and tang is black coated this one area is satin finished and "BUSSE" is in black. Definitely a unique piece and one of the first - if not the first - NO Variant.


V60 - Satin Jack Variant

Harpoon tipped, satin finished, zero edged, linen micarta slabbed, variable sized serrations, 18% nickel silver handle fasteners, gently recurved blade that is just screaming to make the air bleed.

V61 - Satin Jack Variant

V62 - BAE Variant with a 6" INFI blade.

V63 - Eric's Groove Master Variant.

V64 - Eric's Groove Master Variant & Badger Attack 3 Variant.

V65 - Eric's Steel Heart Variant.

V66 - Eric's Steel Heart Variants.

V67 - Idahoskunk's Steel Heart Variant.

V68 - Bull Nose BME Variant

3/16" Thick. Triple ground Bull Nose Tipped Battle Mistress Variant. This blade is one of the prototypes for the Arctic Team line. A couple of White models, a couple of Black versions, a few different blade shapes and we were ready to go. I like this version very much. Snake Skin Micarta Handles, Typical Arctic Team Teeth. . . .Ouch! Only a Wise Man could handle this beast. . .Good Luck!!!!! Jerry Busse (10/11/02)

V69 - Killer B Variant... SWEET!

V70 - Steel Heart Harpooned Tipped Variant

V71 - Steel Heart Bowie Varaint in 3/16" INFI

V72 - Blue Grass Bowie

I don't know how to describe this fighter other than to say that it is one of my "Grinder Front Designs". That means that there were no sketches and no drawings. . . It was simply born on the front of my grinder. That's how I made all of my knives "back in the day". . . very few were repeated patterns. It is the best part about making knives by hand. It is the reason that "Real Knifemakers" never quit,. . . ever. It is the fun part of knifemaking, the time when a maker gets to "play" with no rules. . . no parameters . . .no restrictions. Perhaps I should call them "Grinder Fun Designs". It is the reason that I continue to make the Variants. I just sit down and hang on. I never quite know what's going to come out at the end. ItÕs a blast!

I like this knife. I like this knife a lot. The grip is like grabbing on to my old 1968 Schwinn bicycle with its banana seat and high swung handles. We were jumping ramps with non-shock-absorbing Schwinns long before "trail bikes" had been invented. The only thing that could keep you alive on these jumps was the "death grip" that you put on your handles. This knife handle brings back that same adrenaline pumping exhilaration. This fighter wants to fly, and you know immediately upon picking it up that you'd better hold on tight because youÕre in for the ride of your life. It is "fun". It is a very "fun" knife to handle. It is also SOLD and I will NOT be making anymore exactly like it.

That's gotta be kinda a "fun" for the new owner too, doesn't it?

Yours in Nuclear GFDs,


V73 - Sawback Natural Outlaw Variant.

V74 - Idahoskunk's Flying Badger.

V75 - Flying Mojo Variant.

V76 - Mojo Variant.

V77 - Active Duty Variant.

V78 - Satin Jack Variant.

V79 - Sawback Battle Mistress Variant.

V80 - Eric's collection of one custom (Flying Tiger) & five Variants! Awesome!

V81 - More of Eric's Variants: Groove Master, Badger Attack 3 & Natural Outlaw.

V82 - Eric's Public Defender Variant.

V84 - Ronybear's Natural Outlaw Variant & Kenny Rowe sheath.

V85 - Killer B Variants (top & bottom) & Public Defender Variant (middle). WOW!

V86 - Gundy's Steel Heart Variant.

V87 - Public Defender Variant. WOW!

V88 - Fishy Variant

V89 - Eric's Trickster Mojo & Blue Grass Bowie.

V90 - Raden's Natural Outlaw Variant.