Model: Cultellus
Blade Length: 3-1/2"
OAL: 8"
Weight: ?
Thickness: 1/8"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners, mosaic pins
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: ?
Handle Options: ?
Base MSRP: $237
Year: 2007

* * *

Introducing The New Custom Shop "Cultellus" EDC. . .

This little demon is only 1/8" thick (.125") and is ground to a very fine edge. . . That makes this the thinnest INFI EDC that we have ever released!!!!

It will be offered this Saturday in the Razorganzaaaaaa at an unbeliveable price for a true Busse Custom!

It is designed for slicing and not for prying. . . but no worries as our warranty is always there just in case you get carried away. . .

We currently call it the "Cultellus" (which is latin for "Little Knife" or HOG latin for "Cult Of The HOG" ). . .

This lightweight little satin finished slicer comes in with an overall length of only 8" and a blade length of 3 1/2". The handles are handshaped linen Tiger Hide micarta. YOWZA!!!. . . This knife is killer cool!!!!

This is the ONLY time that the "Cultellus" will be offered in this blade finish/handle configuration.

Good luck boys!!!


* * *

CU1 - 2012 Cultellus, Satin Blade With G-Rex And White Bone.

CU2 - 2007 Cultellus.

CU3 - 2008 Peter Cultie Tail with Tan Canvas Micarta.

Here Comes "Peter Cultie Tail". . . .

. . . Hoppin' down the Busse Trail. . . Hippity Hop the HOGs are on their way!!!!! . .

This is your one and only chance at a very limited tan canvas handled Busse Custom Shop Cultie. . . .

This Saturday (3-22-08) between 9:00 and 10:00 pm Eastern. . . (when nearly everybody else will be out of town for the holiday and very few will have access to their computers) the Easter HOG will strike!

Priced at only $217.00, this Satin Finished, Hand Shaped, Air Bleeding Sharp "Peter Cultie Tail" will make for the perfect EDC!!!!!

I will post the "GO" button on this Saturday (3-22-08) between 9:00 and 10:00 pm Eastern. . . I look forward to seeing the 2 or 3 HOGs who are able to make it!!!

This ought to prove to be a rare one!!!!!

Let's Drink!!!!


CU4- 2011 Cultellus.

CU5 - knifehunter, Most of culties from blade 2008 I think I ended up with 39 of them.