Collection 4

C4.1 - Gravelface spine stamped "BUSSE" Collection Top to Bottom: 2 BBSHSHII, Original Steel Heart I, 3 SHBA, 1 SHMS.

C4.2 - Gravelface Mean Street, Badger Attack (3), Bird Beak Steel Heart I,  Bird Beak Steel Heart II (2).

What a gorgeous collection of classic straight handle Busse Combat knives!

C4.3 - Gravelface

C4.4 - Gravelface Bird Beak Steel Heart I (top) & two Bird Beak Steel Heart II Protos (Bottom two).

C4.5 - Gravelface

C4.6 - Jaxx Aftershock Bolo #1 with LMS & Steel Heart E Variant with harpoon tip.

C4.7 - Jaxx Conplete BLADE Special Edition 2007 set with extra Game Warden (FBM,AA,FSH,SOW,ASH-1, BATAC, MrSt, AD, GWx2).

C4.8 - Jaxx Both complete BLADE Limited Edition 2008 sets (Satin/G-10 & Competition finish/micarta). They are (satin, G-10 set) L-R: FBM, FSH, SFNO, ASH-1, SJTAC & (CF/micarta set) L-R: Jackhammer, Hell Razor, SARsquatch.

C4.9 - Jaxx BLADE 2009 Special Edition sets in both offered handle choices (Fat Hammer, MOAB, Key Largo, Inactive Duty-Tequila G-10 & black paper micarta).