Collection 1

A Gallery of some AWESOME Busse collections.

C1 - Buy Brown G-rated photo of his Busse collection. Nice sheaths made by Buy Brown.

C2 - Buy Brown R-rated photo of his Busse collection EXPOSED. His collection includes Pauls Hatchet, Stealth Hawk, Combat line & Basic line.

C3 - 1whobuys' Busse collection. What a collection! Everything from LMS to a BM Variant. Is that a sketch for a custom Busse? Size does matter? Hmmmm...Why is that Strider in the photo?

C4 - 1whobuys recent catches. Nice old Busse models. ...hold on now! The Steel hearts & Shark are A2 & not INFI. Who wants A2 even in a Busse?

C5 - Wow. A nice gathering of straight handle Battle Mistress & Basic 9.

C6 - CJ Busse collection that includes the Combat line & Basic line.

C7 - BH's Busse collection. A nice collection of sizes.

C8 - Thatmguy's Busse collection that includes a Stealth Hawk & a straight handle Steel Heart II in INFI.

C9 - Eric Isaacson's Flying Tiger (the one with the ferocious sharp teeth) & Mr Mojo. This Flying Tiger is the 1st one made by Busse. Nice catch Eric!

C10 - Eric Isaacson's collection of three Badger Attack & Satin Jack.

C11 - Andrew Pinchen's collection.

C12 - Schleifalot's collection consisting of an Assault Shaker, Euro 4, & Basic 9 laid out on his German cameo. How do we get some Euro 4 smuggled back into the USA?

C13 - A nice collection of current & discontinued Busse knives.

C14 - 1whobuys' collection of oldies but goodies. From the top, there's a straight handle Badger Attack, Badger Attack Variant, Aftershock Bolo, straight handle Battle Mistress, & half of a sword. How much is it going to cost for the other half of the sword?

C15 - IdahoSkunks' collection includes, from the top, a straight handle Battle Mistress, Bolo LE, Mr Mojo LE.

C16 - Chip's Satin Jack LE & Zero Tolerance set.

C17 - Chip's collection of retired & current production Busse. A nice collection of the old straight handle models.

C18 - Idahoskunk's collection of retired Busse. From the top, Battle Mistress & Mean Street.

C19 - Idahoskunk's Busse models, from the top, Natural Outlaw & Satin Jack.

C20 - Idahoskunk's Busse, from the top, Killer B, Paul's Hatchet, Sword, Assualt Shaker (CG & satin finish.)

C21 -1whobuys' Busse, from the top, Zero Tolerance models (Natural Outlaw, Steel Heart (two of them), Battle Mistress), American Kensei Sword, Steel Heart Variant with double edge, Satin Jack Variant with serrations, Man Street in satin finish, another Steel Heart Variant with serrations.

C22 - From the top, Flying Tiger, Flying Mojo, & Steel Heart-E.

C23 - WTF's Busse line-up.

C24 - Idahoskunk's retired Busse from the top, Badger Attack & Battle Mistress.

C25 - Veritas' Mr Mojo & Zero Tolerance Steel Heart, both out of production.

C26 - Tall Paul's photo of straight handle Busse.

C27 - Tall Paul's photo of straight handle Busse, from the top, Battle Mistress, Steel Heart, Badger Attack, & Mean Street.

C28 - BAE's 5/16" Badger Attack & serrated Steel Heart, from top to bottom respectively.

C29 - Idahoskunk's collection of retired Busse. From the top, Badger Attack in A2, two Mean Street (2 & INFI), & Police Recruit.

C30 - 1whobuys Busse, from the top, Battle Mistress, three Steel Heart Variants (one with serrations), & a Satin Jack variant with serrations. VARIANTS GALORE!

C31 - Idahoskunk's Steel Heart with black paper micarta scales & Badger Attack, from top to bottom respectively.

C32 - Gundy's Assault Shaker, Natural Outlaw, & Mr Mojo, from top, left to right, to bottom respectively. A great background to show your Busse!


C34 - Idahoskunk's camo equipped Battle Mistress & Natural Outlaw, from top to bottom.

C35 - Ankle Pocket's plain edge Flying Tiger Custom & Natural Outlaw Variant, from top to bottom.

C36 - Hunter G.'s Busse including the Flying Badger Variant, serrated Basic 5, & Killer B, from top to bottom.

C37 - Rc200im's Killer B, Steel Heart, & two Battle Mistress, from left to right.

C38 - Rc200im's two Battle Mistress & Steel Heart, from top to bottom.

C39 - Frankie Crabs' collection including two Basic 9, Basic 3, & Assault Shaker.

C40 - Another photo of Frankie Crabs' collection.

C41 - Frankie Crabs' expanding collection with the addition of the snake skin micarta Satin Jack.

C42 - Ankle Pocket's Flying Tiger custom with Kenny Rowe sheath & Natural Outlaw Variant.

C43 - Ankle Pocket's Natural Outlaw Variant sheathed & Flying Tiger custom in Kenny Rowe sheath.

C44 - Another photo of Andre DuMouchel's AWESOME Busse collection! WOW!

C45 - Another photo of Andre DuMouchel's AWESOME Busse collection!

C46 - Another photo of Andre DuMouchel's AWESOME Busse collection!

C47 - Raindrop's Steel Heart collection from Steel Heart I, Steel Heart II, Zero Tolerance Steel Heart & Steel Heart E.

C48 - Thatmguy's Battle Mistress & Steel Heart II with straight handles.

C49 - Nice Busse collection from Raden.

C50 - WTF Over's Argonne Assault CG & Active Duty.