Busse Assault Ring Fighter

Specs:  * Three piece set $927 * Big BARF $387 * Standard BARF $347 * Baby BARF $297 * California BARF same price as regular BARFs * Introduced December 2004

* * *

BARF Trivia:

Here it is boys! The "Nuclear BARF"!!!

This is a very unique design and is highly mission specific. It is currently employed by a very specialized Assault Team. Having seen one of their guys handle this blade was one of the most frightening displays I have ever witnessed!!! If you're the poor bastid on the wrong end of this knife, it's gonna take a mop and a dozen 5 gallon buckets to get you home!!!

7 1/2" long blade. . . . 1/4" thick INFI. . . Black Canvas Handles. . . partial serrations. . ..

This is just one of the many blades that Garth has been digging out of the nuclear fallout for the Busse Combat Extravaganzaaaaaaa!!!!

Pricing will be VERY, VERY AFFORDABLE!!!!

Good luck to those wanting one of these as ONLY 13 PIECES WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE!!! They will be serial numbered 1-13 . . . . .

It's the perfect holiday gift to give yourself!!! 

Jerry Busse

* * *

mercmaster BARF three piece set.

mercmaster BARF CA neutered three piece set. CA with their silly laws!

knifehunter BARF three piece set.