BOSS is Busse Old School Series.

Model: BOSS HG55
Steel: INFI
Blade Length: 5-1/2"
OAL: 10-3/4"
Weight: ?
Thickness: 1/4"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: ?
Handle Options: ?
Base MSRP: $257
Year: 2009

* * *

HG1 - HG55 LE.

HG2 - HG55 CG.

HG3 - HG55 CG.

HG4 - knifehunter HG55 CBT.

HG5 mamun1024 HG55 LE.

HG6 - onlooker96 naked HG55 CBT.

"I just found someone that had these HG55 knives with the undercoated blade. I was told there were three different ones made and sold at the last Busse Show."


* * *

HG55 Trivia (in reference to photo HG6 above):

You got the cool one first. This version started life as being intended for an ordered military run...guess someone turned up a few extra blanks stashed deep at the Shop and instead of coating them, these were...well, I don't know about satin finished but they are polished up and look great nekkid. We first saw these offered to us as a limited military overrun some time back and they were desert shadow camo coated with micarta handles. The main difference between the MO HG55 version and the regular production run HG55 model is that the corrugated bevels on the flats of the blade stop further back from the tip on the MO version.

I was lucky enough to have a proxy there at the KC hotel show who was quick enough to snag me one and I chose this type over the other combos as it's my favorite version of the HG55.

'Gratz on your score!


* * *

HG7 - HG55 CBT on Busse Combat table at Knob Creek 2012.

HG8 - AngryFish HG55 CBT.

HG9 - Chuka HG55 CBT.

HG10 - Jaxx HG55 CBT.

HG11 - roenman HG55 Variant with Green Micarta. Has a harpoon blade & rear skull crusher.

HG12 - 2011 Custom HG55, .240 Thick, Hollow Grind, Striped Maple.

HG13 - 2009 Military Overrun HG55.

Mil. Overrun HG55 Special Features!!!

Here's a bit of info about the mil. overrun HG55. The bevel is different on this particular run than on the regular combat grade HG55 in so far as it has a hollow or concave bevel along the straight cutting edge and features a very beefed up convex bevel along the forward sweep of the cutting edge near the point. You can see where the deep concave grooves end and the convex bevel begins. . . . This gives the Mil. Run HG55 a bomb proof tip while maintaining excellent cutting power.

The regular Combat Grade HG55 features the hollow or concave bevel all the way to the tip.

We don't have many of these and they are only available to inducted HOGs!!!

Good luck snaggin' one of these. . .. You'll NEVER see this bevel again on any other HG55

These also feature our desert shadow camo finish. . . . . .