Blog May 2013

Gallery Updated

Updated the Off Duty gallery with additional photos.

Inactive Duty Gallery Added

New gallery Inactive Duty added.

Active Duty Gallery Added

New gallery Active Duty added. The 2002 Active Duty has a thickness of .150". Two fat versions of this original model has been made since: 2003 Off Duty (.350") & 2009 Inactive Duty (.320"). 

Sandvox Software

I've been using the Sandvox software for a few months now. It's been frustrating with working with this software.

This software is template driven which is fine. However, you cannot do any kind of updates like changing the font to the master template unless the CSS coding is used. Every time a new page or Blog is added, I keep on forgetting which page or Blog features are tweaked. It seems like I  basically have to re-learn on how to use this software every time I use it.

I should not have to think about on how to use the software after using it for a few moths. I regret in not getting another software that was my first choice. Of course, no software is perfect but some software have better features than others.

Urban Grudge Gallery Added

New gallery Urban Grudge added. The 2010 Urban Grudge appears to be a modified 2009 BOSS HG55.

April 2013 Summary

In April 2013, two new galleries were added to Bad MOJO. The Mean Street model is a popular EDC knife. The old Silent Knight knife is making a reappearance from the Busse Custom Shop.

  1. Mean Street Series
  2. Silent Knight