Blog February 2013

20 Year Anniversary Mean Street

New gallery 20 Year Anniversary Mean Street added. Only one photo though.

Gallery Updated

Over hauled the old Fusion Steel Heart gallery. It has more than one photo now.

Fusion Series

New gallery Fusion Series added.

Heavy Ordnance Fusion Steel Heart Gallery Added

New gallery Heavy Ordnance Fusion Steel Heart added.

Fusion Battle Mistress Gallery Added

New gallery Fusion Battle Mistress added.

Break Time

It's been quiet around here on updating Bad MOJO. The updates are not finished but getting there. The updates will go on again later this month. In the past two months, 34 new pages were added to Bad MOJO so that's why the break in new updates lately.

January 2013 Summary

In January 2013, 19 new galleries were added to Bad MOJO.

  1. Badger Attack TAC
  2. BOSS Jack
  3. BOSS Series
  4. BOSS Street
  5. Collection 4
  6. Cultellus
  7. Desert Storm Fighter
  8. Ergo Handle Series
  9. Hell Razor
  10. Light Brigade Series
  11. Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Battle Mistress
  12. Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Series
  13. Nuclear Meltdown Special Forces Natural Outlaw
  14. Satin Jack TAC
  15. Special Forces Natural Outlaw
  16. Special Forces Series
  17. Straight Handle Series
  18. TAC Series
  19. Zombiekillers