Bladeforums Post 12-26-2012

Who would have thought that when Bad MOJO went live back in 2002 that it would be where it’s at 10 years later! Who would have thought that it would have grown into a monster site! I didn’t that’s for sure.

So, how the hell did I ever got involved with Busse Combat knives in the first place? Back in June 1995, American Survival Guide magazine had a 2-1/3 page article on Busse Combat knives. It was that article that made me aware of Busse Combat knives. By the way, that magazine copy is sitting right next to me right now as I’m typing this.

I don’t know the exact date but I ordered by phone a Steel Heart II (A2). It was about that time when INFI was being introduced & the INFI Battle Mistress was coming out. I think that a few of the later Steel Heart II were done in INFI but I could be wrong.

The Steel Heart II that I got was a heavy knife but I never thought too much about until several years later. One day, I decided to measure its thickness. It was not the normal 1/4” thickness but it was 5/16” thick instead. No wonder it was on the heavy side! I believe that this thicker SH II can be considered as another “rare” Busse knife. It looks like Jerry treated me pretty good with my first Busse knife. Thank you Jerry!

After becoming a member of Bladeforums in 2001 (which is also the year for my first computer), this guy named Eric "The Bully" Isaacson started a photo thread on Busse knives. What a great idea Eric! You know how that goes when you’re looking for a particular knife among all those great photos scattered throughout the thread. For lazy person like me, I just want to click & go to the page of knives I want to see. So, that’s how & why Bad MOJO got started!

After 10 years, it’s probably safe to say that Bad MOJO has became the Bible on Busse Combat knives. Before this year is over, I needed to give Bad MOJO some recognition on its 10 years of service to the Busse community. Bad MOJO is only possible with the great photos from the Busse community! Thank you all!