Bad MOJO raises from the grave!

The new domain is now I was surprised to find the cheaper .net domain available. I'm happy to get rid of the more expensive .tv domain. The .com domain is available but I'm not paying that crazy price.

The new site was created with the Sandvox software. The former site was built with Dreamweaver. Sandvox makes changes to the site a lot easier unlike Dreamweaver since I'm not a web designer. I dreaded doing site updates with Dreamweaver. I'm very happy with the new Bad MOJO site. I'm especially happy with the new Sandvox software!

The former site was hosted by Apple until they cancelled their hosting service around July 2012 in favor of iCloud. The new site is now hosted by A2 Hosting.

Since the last update (around 2004 or so) to the former web site, there has been many models released after that time where I probably don't have a lot of knowledge about them. The new site will have gaps regarding these "new" models. Oh well.

Bad MOJO is probably still the premier site for Busse knife porn for the INFI addicts! You can still get your INFI fix right here!