Blog December 2012

Happy New Year!

Bad MOJO wishing everyone a safe Happy New Year!

Gallery Updated

It had come to my attention from a Bladeforums member that the photo JH3 in the Jack Hammer gallery was an SJTAC. So photo JH3 has been removed but will be added to a future new SJTAC gallery.

Series Catalog

After discussing with a Bladeforums member on Bad MOJO's list index vs a series index, I've started work on a new series of pages: Ergo Handle Series, Straight Handle Series, Fusion Handle Series, Light Brigade Series, Special Forces Series & Zombiekillers.

These new pages will have the knife specs (if available) & one knife example. This will be basically like a series catalog.

The other pages being considered but not started yet are: Anniversary Series, Boss Series, HACK Series, Sarge Series, SAR Series, & Zero Tolerance Series.

Galleries Updated

Added a beautiful photo to the Bird Beak Steel Heart II Proto.

Galleries Renamed

Renamed the Variant 1 & Variant 2 galleries as Custom 2 & Custom 3. The distinction between the custom & variant is a blur these days. The variants have the same Busse Custom stamp on them as the customs. Should cause less confusion in particularly to the librarian in charge of Bad MOJO.

Bird Beak Steel Heart II Gallery Added

New gallery Bird Beak Steel Heart II added. Some of the photos were mis-identified in the Steel Heart I & Steel Heart II galleries. Now they are in the right gallery. The errors were identified by eagle eye mamun1024.

Galleries Updated

Added new photo(s) to Argonne Assault LB Gallery,  BOSS HG55 Gallery, Jack Hammer, Mother Of All Bowies & Tank Buster.

The Tank Buster Variant photo is a 2011 military overrun. The blade profile is different when comparing the 2003 & 2011 versions.

Jack Hammer Gallery Added

New gallery Jack Hammer added.

BOSS HG55 Gallery Added

New gallery BOSS HG55 added.

ST-56 Persian Fighter Gallery Added

New gallery ST-56 Persian Fighter added.

Busse Assault Ring Fighter Gallery Added

New gallery Busse Assault Ring Fighter added.

Tank Buster Gallery Update

Finally added some spec to the 2003 version of the Tank Buster currently on Bad MOJO. There is also a 2009 version of the Tank Buster but I don't know what their similarities or differences are. Bad MOJO doesn't have any spec or photos of the 2009 version.

Air Rescue Gallery Update

Finally added some spec & history on the limited number of Air Resue running loose in the world. Another rare piece for the HOGS.

Home Page Updated

Add a photo of the 20 Year Anniversary Mean Street to the home page.

Guest Comments Page Added

A Guest Comments page was added to hear from our visitors. Your comments could be used to improve the site. The comment feature is new so hopefully it'll work the way it should. Thank you.

Gallery Updated

Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Steel Heart gallery updated with photos & information.

New Galleries Added

Mother Of All Bowies & Muk galleries added to the site.

Bladeforums Post 12-26-2012

Who would have thought that when Bad MOJO went live back in 2002 that it would be where it’s at 10 years later! Who would have thought that it would have grown into a monster site! I didn’t that’s for sure.

So, how the hell did I ever got involved with Busse Combat knives in the first place? Back in June 1995, American Survival Guide magazine had a 2-1/3 page article on Busse Combat knives. It was that article that made me aware of Busse Combat knives. By the way, that magazine copy is sitting right next to me right now as I’m typing this.

I don’t know the exact date but I ordered by phone a Steel Heart II (A2). It was about that time when INFI was being introduced & the INFI Battle Mistress was coming out. I think that a few of the later Steel Heart II were done in INFI but I could be wrong.

The Steel Heart II that I got was a heavy knife but I never thought too much about until several years later. One day, I decided to measure its thickness. It was not the normal 1/4” thickness but it was 5/16” thick instead. No wonder it was on the heavy side! I believe that this thicker SH II can be considered as another “rare” Busse knife. It looks like Jerry treated me pretty good with my first Busse knife. Thank you Jerry!

After becoming a member of Bladeforums in 2001 (which is also the year for my first computer), this guy named Eric "The Bully" Isaacson started a photo thread on Busse knives. What a great idea Eric! You know how that goes when you’re looking for a particular knife among all those great photos scattered throughout the thread. For lazy person like me, I just want to click & go to the page of knives I want to see. So, that’s how & why Bad MOJO got started!

After 10 years, it’s probably safe to say that Bad MOJO has became the Bible on Busse Combat knives. Before this year is over, I needed to give Bad MOJO some recognition on its 10 years of service to the Busse community. Bad MOJO is only possible with the great photos from the Busse community! Thank you all!

Show Biz Gallery

Where are Busse Combat knives appearing in the movies or TV shows you might ask? Ask no longer, added a new page labeled Show Biz. You can now see the actual knives or representation of the knives making their appearances. That's all folks!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you get some INFI from Santa!

Anniversary Steel Heart 1 Gallery

Added a new gallery Anniversary Steel Heart 1 (ASH1). A HOG from Down Under asked where's the ASH1 gallery. Well it's now the latest gallery addition to Bad MOJO.

The ASH1 appears to be a popular model with its 6 1/2" blade with the HOGS! The ASH1 is based on the original Steel Heart I from 1992.

The ASH1 is no longer produced. The ASH1 was being produced around the 2007 to 2008 time frame. You can probably get one as a Custom order with Busse Combat or try to find one in the secondary market.

Updated Hog Links

Added KnifeHunter to the Hog Links. There are not that many Busse dealers around. Very happy to add another Busse dealer to the Hog Links.

Added Buy Brown Holsters to the Hog Links. They make great kydex knife sheaths.

Battle Mistress Update

Added BM34 - WASP to the gallery. The WASP was the Battle Mistress prototype (1997) which makes it important to the Hog trivia fans.

New Galleries Added

30 Year Anniversary, Argonne Assault, Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Seel Heart, Sarge-7 & Team Gemini galleries added. These are the first set of new galleries added to the new site. It didn't take long to add new galleries to the site.


Bad MOJO joined facebook. This is probably a good way to exchange information related to the web site. Also, I will need some help in filling in the gaps of the knife models that the web site is potentially missing.

10 Years Anniversary

Happy 10 Year Anniversay to Bad MOJO!

Bad MOJO went live back in February 2002. I had no idea that the site would grow to where it's at now nor on its popularity with the INFI addicts.

Of course, this site would not have been possible if it was not for the great knives from Busse. Let's not forget the great photos from the HOGS & Busse.

Thanks to Busse & the HOGS for making this site possible!

Bad MOJO raises from the grave!

The new domain is now I was surprised to find the cheaper .net domain available. I'm happy to get rid of the more expensive .tv domain. The .com domain is available but I'm not paying that crazy price.

The new site was created with the Sandvox software. The former site was built with Dreamweaver. Sandvox makes changes to the site a lot easier unlike Dreamweaver since I'm not a web designer. I dreaded doing site updates with Dreamweaver. I'm very happy with the new Bad MOJO site. I'm especially happy with the new Sandvox software!

The former site was hosted by Apple until they cancelled their hosting service around July 2012 in favor of iCloud. The new site is now hosted by A2 Hosting.

Since the last update (around 2004 or so) to the former web site, there has been many models released after that time where I probably don't have a lot of knowledge about them. The new site will have gaps regarding these "new" models. Oh well.

Bad MOJO is probably still the premier site for Busse knife porn for the INFI addicts! You can still get your INFI fix right here!