Bird Beak Steel Heart II

Those are actually Steel Heart 1.5's.

According to Jerry, the orig SH length was being looked at being lengthened.

A few were made with the 9'-ish blades, as shown in the pics, but the final size was decided to be the 7-ish that we all have known as the Straight Handled Steel Heart II.

When Jerry talked to me about these, he said he thought there were in the neighborhood of six floating around.

Hope this helps.


* * *

BBSH1 - gravelface's pair of Bird Beak Steel Heart II Proto with 10" blade. Looks like a Badger Attack in the background.

BBSH2 - Andre DuMouchel's Bird Beak Steel Heart II in pristine condition. WOW!

BBSH3 - Gundy's well used Bird Beak Steel Heart II.

BBSH4 - Progunner's Bird Beak Steel Heart II.

BBSH5 - mamun1024's Bird Beak Steel Heart II.

BBSH6 - Mamun1024 INFI Bird Beak Steel Heart II. Blade Steel - INFI, Blade Length - 7.81, Overall Length - 13.12, Weight (oz) - 19.5, Blade Thickness - 0.29, Blade Width - 1.75, Options - Satin, Asymmetrical edge, Hand shaped Green/Black G10 Handle.

What a gorgeous Knife!