Basic Line

The Basic Line is made of Modified INFI (Mod-INFI) and has Respirene C Handles. The Combat line is made of INFI and has Canvas Micarta Handles. The Basic line has been retired in 2001.

INFI and Modified INFI are high Carbon Proprietary steels of Busse Combat Knives. These steels were developed specifically for Busse Combat so the manufacturing process is a closely guarded secret. However it is known that they undergo multiple heat/cryo treatments and that INFI has more cobalt in it than Mod-INFI. It is also cheaper to manufacture Mod-INFI and this savings is passed on to the customer in lower prices in the Basic Line. While Mod-INFI is not as durable as INFI it is still superior to other steels used in knife making.

Basic Line Trivia:

The Basic 5 was by far the most popular of all of the Basics followed by the Basic 9, Basic 7, and far, far behind was the Basic 3.

bl01 bladeart basic3

BL1 - Basic 3 photo from Bladeart.

bl02 2thehilt basic3

BL2 - Basic 3 photo from 2theHilt.

bl03 2thehilt basic5

BL3 - Basic 5 photo from 2theHilt.

bl04 2thehilt basic7

BL4 - Basic 7 photo from 2theHilt.

bl05 2thehilt basic9

BL5 - Basic 9 photo from 2theHilt.

bl06 chad basic7

BL6 - Chad's Basic 7 with the smooth finish & Kydex sheath.

BL7 - R Markus' collection of the Basic Line. From top to bottom, Basic 9, Basic 7, Basic 5 (smooth coat), & Basic 3 (smooth coat).