Argonne Assault LB

Model: Argonne Assault LB
Blade Length: 10"
OAL: 16"
Weight: ?
Thickness: Approx 1/4"
Width: 1-7/8"
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: Black (Std), Desert Sage (Std), Muddy Brown (Std)
Handle Options: 
Black Canvas (Std), Tan Canvas (Std), Black Paper (Std) Black G-10 + $45, Green and Black G-10 + $60, Red and Black G-10 + $60, Black and Tan G-10 + $60, Orange and Black G-10 + $60, Black and Blue G-10 + $60
Base MSRP: $597
Year: 2011

* * *

"Argonne Assault". . . . What's in a name?

In the early days of October 1918, American units advanced into the dense terrain of the Argonne Forest in France. Over the next six days, this unit, known as the "Lost Battalion", refused to surrender even though they were completely surrounded, constantly attacked, low on ammunition and supplies, had no food, shelter and limited access to water. Of the over 600 men trapped in the "Argonne Assault", only around 200 walked out.

The new Busse Combat Argonne Assault LB captures this American spirit and brings a whole new level of sophistication to the classic platform of the original Argonne Assault. Originally introduced in the mid 1980s, early versions of the "AA" are highly sought after by collectors today. We have kept the blade design of the original AA but have added many new features such as the sharpened back edge, Busse armored tip, strengthened shallow hollow ground bevel, machine hollowed tang with internal web for vibration dampening and strength, and fully rounded outer and inner edges for user comfort. Made from 1/4" thick INFI and possessing all of the above features, the new Argonne Assault LB is the definitive Knuckle Knife by which all others will be judged.


* * *

AA1 - Argonne Assault LB - Black Finish/Black Canvas Micarta $597

AA2 - Argonne Assault LB - Black Finish/Green Black G10 $642

AA3 - Argonne Assault LB - Black Finish/Red Black G10 $657

AA4 - Argonne Assault LB - Black Finish/Orange Black G10 $657

AA5 - Argonne Assault LB - Black Finish/Blue Black G10 $657

AA6 - Argonne Assault LB - Black Finish/Tan Black G10 $657

AA7 - roenman Argonne Assault LB & Argonne Assault LB Variant with serrated top edge.