Anniversary Steel Heart 1

Specs: INFI 6.5" blade * 12" OAL * 5.5" handle * CG are .320" thick... some double cut, mostly coated * Skinny are .195" with a full convex... all coated * LE, SE & Customs are .220" thick with a full height grind... mostly satin * Introduced December 2007

* * *

HOG ASH Trivia:

The HOG ASH is the same as the ASH1 CG, which is 12" OAL, 6.5" blade, 5.5" handle & .32" thick at the spine. The HOG ASH was a very special offering of just one per inducted HOG and were all muddy coated with Tigerhide linen micarta Magnum handles, which was not a combo offered as just a ASH1 CG. Each was inscribed with the HOG's inducted name.

* * *

Special Edition ASH1 and Special Offer For HOGs Only!!! 

Okay HOGs. . . Here's the Special Offer for official HOGs only!!!

Buy at least one ASH1 LE and One ASH1 Combat Grade model (Or 2 ASH1 LE's) and you qualify to get a very special HOG Edition ASH1 with your HOG name engraved on it for the original 1992 Steel Heart 1 price of only $167.00!!!!!. . . . . . . .

Good luck HOGs and NUKE ON!!!!!. . .


* * *

ASH1 - Andy the Aussie ASH1 CG. Hmmmmm….steak!

ASH2 - Jaxx HOG ASH with name engraved. Beautiful lighting & bokeh on the photo.

ASH3 - Jaxx .22" thick ASH Variant! What a beauty!

ASH4 - azwelke ASH1 LE, ASH1 CG .320" thick & HOG ASH .328" thick (signed by Jerry Busse) all with Magnum handles.

ASH5 - azwelke ASH1 LE, ASH1 CG .320" thick & HOG ASH .328" thick (signed by Jerry Busse) all with Magnum handles.

ASH6 - Lil' Foo ASH1 LE.

ASH7 - Lil' Foo ASH1 CG.

ASH8 - illetrikflowz ASH Custom.

ASH9 - c4man HOG ASH, Skinny ASH1, ASH1 LE, ASH1 CG, ASH1 SE. Nice collection of the different ASH/ASH1!

ASH10 - soulrack223 HOG ASH with name engraved & with a Buy Brown kydex sheath.

ASH11 - Tyrkon Lawson ASH1 CG.

ASH12 - mamun1024 ASH1 LE.

ASH13 - knifehunter HOG ASH with name engraved.

ASH14 - Andy the Aussie with a family of ASH1. Great collection!

ASH15 - Andy the Aussie ASH1 CG.

ASH16 - Andy the Aussie ASH1 CG.

ASH17 - Andy the Aussie ASH1 CG.

ASH18 - Andy the Aussie ASH1 CG eating dirt. Hmmm…a sharpened shovel.

ASH19 - Jaxx ASH1 LE. One gorgeous looking ASH. Love the combination of the black slab & polished blade.

ASH20 - Jaxx ASH1 LE lineup, each with a unique serial number. Nice!

ASH21 - Jaxx ASH1 Custom & ASH1 CG. Another beautiful ASH1 family shot. Beautiful handle on the Custom.