Active Duty

Model: Active Duty
Steel: INFI
Blade Length: 3-1/2"
OAL: 7-7/8"
Weight: ?
Thickness: .150"
Width: ?
Features: Hollow fasteners
Grind: ?
Blade Finishes: Satin
Handle Options: SnakeSkin Nukarta
Base MSRP: $187
Year: 2002

* * *

AD1 - 

AD2 - 

Here are some close-up pics of the Active Duty handle that show a bit of the hand work that goes into each knife. Notice how the handles are flush ground, hand shaped, and rounded on top and bottom. This makes the handle very comfortable and makes this knife very difficult to put down.

These edges are rounded off by using strips of sandpaper and "shoe-polishing" the square edges until they are comfortably radiused.

Hopefully these will make the short wait, just that much easier!


AD3 - 

AD4 - 

The First Active Duty Variant!!!! GFD (Cool Pic)

Triple ground . . . . Gentle recurve. . . Super deep dish ground spine with serrations. Flying Handle . . . . Zero edged with a Satin finish. . . SnakeSkin Nukarta. . . . Yowza! This bad boy is on its way out west. . . to a small town called Bluff, Utah to see some heavy duty active duty.

Congrats Greg! And happy holiday!


AD5 - Here's the Active Duty in a very hot Urban/SWAT Camo blade and Black Paper Micarta handle Combo. . . . Jerry 9/8/2003