20 Year Anniversary

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Argonne Assault

The Argonne Assault is the official "Busse Twentieth Anniversary" knife, as many of you now know although the new Flying Mojo is part of this special Anniversary issue. These knives represent 20 years of Jerry Busse making the best extreme performance fixed blades in the industry. They are unique knives, not to be found anywhere else, and best of all, they are INFI ! We will shortly be posting pictures on this forum of all three knives, for now many of you may have seen the ad that is currently being run in Blade Magazine.

There will be two flavors of the Argonne Assault. First, there is the Combat Grade which will be 7.5 inches long and features a black coated blade. The Argonne Assault Signature Series will be a very limited run ground by Jerry himself and feature the new Busse Signature Series logo (which is reserved for Busse's made exclusively by Jerry). It will be a whopping 9.5 inches long and be available in either satin or bead blast finish.

The Assaults will start shipping in a little over two months. Inital units will go to Larry Brahms at Bladeart (sales@bladeart.com) for the Combat version and Les Robertson at Roberston Custom Cutlery (customknives@comcast.net) for the Signature Series. Price for the Combat Grade will be $797 and the price on the Signature series limited edition will be $1197. The Flying Mojo is $897 and can be ordered directly through me. (marc@bussecombat.com)

These knives are sure to become collectors pieces in years to come !

Marc Fratello

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Check your state & local laws on the legality of owning an Argonne Assault with knuckle guard.

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Argonne Assault Update!!

If you are interested in the Combat Grade Argonne Assault with the 7.5 inch black coated blade, Larry Brahms at Bladeart will be receiving the first shipments of these knives by early June. Get your order into him now if you would like one of these knives.

There will be two different versions of the Limited Edition or Signature Series (which are entirely done by Jerry Busse) one with Bead Blast and one Satin finished. Les Robertson at Robertson Custom Cutlery will offer the Satin finished ones and we will sell directly the bead blast versions - both will have 9.5 inch blades.

Please note that Les will only have 20 of the Satin finished 9.5 inch AAs. Since they are so limited I recommend you contact him asap!

Thanks to several requests, Jerry and I have talked about possibly building a California-legal Argonne Assault. The only difference between this knife and the current AAs is the lack of the knuckles.

The knives could be offered in either bead blast 9.5 Signature series OR combat grade 7.5 inch blade length. They would be the same price as the full knuckle version ($1197 and $797 resp.).

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Neutered 20 Year Anniversary Argonne Assault CA with 9-1/2" blade.