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Welcome! Bad MOJO is dedicated to the extreme hard core knives made by Busse Combat Knife Company. The goal of this site is to be a photo archive of the knives made by Busse Combat Knife Company.

This site is also dedicated to the hardcore Busse fans that love their Busse steel, love to see photos of Busse knives & drool over photos of their favorite knives. (Have a towel within reach.)

Thanks to the Busse owners for allowing the use of their photos on this site. This site would not be possible without their great photos.

With all Busse fans, you will probably find out that you cannot own only one Busse knife. After visiting this site, you will become a Busse ADDICT if you are not already one.  Enter the site at your own risk!

*** This web site is not associated with Busse Combat. THIS WEB SITE DOES NOT SELL KNIVES. Any prices shown on the site are just for reference only! Bad MOJO is only a caretaker of the photos & information on Busse Combat knives. ***

Bad MOJO is on Facebook. Bad MOJO welcomes your comments!

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Now Where Do I Get One?

1) Now that you are ready for your first Busse, where do you go to find one? Busse doesn't really have a bunch of distributors for their knives. They prefer to sell directly to the end users.

Click here for the Busse Combat web site.

Click here for the Busse Company Store web site.

2) Fortuantely, there are a hand full of dealers that will have a Busse available for sale. It has been my observation that the Busse generally get sold quickly by some of these dealers.




3) Still cannot find a Busse. Well then you will have to go to the secondary market for your Busse. One of the best place would be the classified section at the Blade Forums.

Click here for the Blade Forums web site.

Click here for the Blade Forums Busse classified.

4) Another place to find your Busse knife will be good old eBay.

Best of luck with your Busse treasure hunt.

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20 Year Anniversary Mean Street. 12/25/2012

* * *


2012 is the 30 Year Anniversary for Busse Combat. Flying Mojo is the official 30 Year Anniversary knife. 12/7/2012

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The "MOTHER" of all BUSSE Collection belonging to Andre DuMouchel!

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